Growing Seeds


Our History

About Celia


In 2013 a wonderful woman, married for 34 yrs, mother of two young adults, opened her Danbury home to local families in search of child care.

Her reputation for putting families at easy with their children development and superior care has drawn more families attention which brought Celia to dream of a future school to offer more families the access to quality care.

Trust is a basic need for a successful partnership. And a partner was needed to accomplish this mission. A person who sees each other as necessary equal and show mutual respect for each other diferences.

About Jessica


Young woman, wife, mother of two beautiful children with many years of experience working with children in Greenwich, CT private homes with the desire of excellent care, quality education, brighter and peaceful future for her children. Through passion, determination, and vision, Growing Seeds Academy was born.

A believer that all children should have access to quality education and a mothers desire of good future citizens; together as a team inspired by The Reggio Emilia to approach. We will respect, honor and educate children in the most appropriate ways possible; for each child and each family.

Our Vision

To provide a wonderful academy completely child led and play based. Providing exemplary early years learning experiences to help them become the children most likely to succeed and flourish in today’s world, but most importantly, to leave our setting each day being happy, kind, well mannered, and with love for learning.


Our Values

We recognize what we do has an incredible impact on your child’s future, our staff’s professional development and overall company, success so our goal is for everything we do to live up to the tenets of our Core Values.

Our Promise

High health, safety, and educational standards are our promise to you. This begins with our comprehensive quality assurance program and highly trained early childhood educators.
Our academy will undergo weekly evaluations by our trained quality assurance professionals.

Our academy will be evaluated on several areas of compliance, including supervision, emergency preparedness, age appropriate activities, safety, and many more. Each standard is purposefully designed to exceed state-regulated requirements to put your mind at ease while your child is in our care.

Our People

Our early childhood educators at Growing Seeds Academy are passionate, professional and are committed to providing the highest quality of educational care to your child every day.

We value each of our teachers and recognize the significant importance of their contributions within our program, as well as their relationships with each family and the students in their care.

Just as our teachers are committed to your children, we’re committed to them. We invest time and resources to continue to educate our staff and will proudly reward them for their hard work and dedication.